Sculptures and Clay Thoughts
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"Students Jogging"
"Treasure Lost"
"Stars & Stripes"
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"Leap Frog"
Engobe Plate
"Boris Brott"
Sun-Bathing Lady
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Decorative Yard Tiles
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Sleeping Baby Boy
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"Old Lace"
"Cats & Birds"
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"Wish Upon A Star"
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"Not Looking Forward"
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"Good Tidings"
"Grow Old"
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Door Stops
"Pied Piper"
"Miles of Mud"
"Sheaf of Hopes"
"Women of Kosovo"
"Seizing the Moment"
"Sacagawea I"
"Sacagawea II"
"Mothers & Daughters"
"In Memory Of..."
"In My Own Backyard"
"My Funny Valentine"
"Some Of The Brave"
"Pas de Six"
"I am 3 and Dancing"
Merry Go Round